Simplicity to Know Yourself

Simplicity to Know Yourself In a recent conversation, I had mentioned being an extreme introvert, although an extroverted introvert, as well as my place on the enneagram. In case you don’t know, an extroverted introvert is someone who can enjoy a group of people for… Read More »Simplicity to Know Yourself

Own Your Life to Overcome Challenges

When you discover the concept of personal responsibility as an important element of who you are to replenish and rebuild yourself, it opens your heart and mind to learn and grow.

You Already Have It All!!

You already have access to everything you need for a full and satisfying life in your spirit. Each person has these elements for a strong foundation woven with goodness of compassion, love, and joy; the ability to be set apart from the human flaws that plague generations and cultures.

Live Excellently

Live Excellently! Know When to Hold ‘em If you’ve followed me for some years, you will know that even though my business name has changed a couple of times in 20 years, my business motto has remained the same.  “Live Excellently, Give Generously, Love Lavishly!”… Read More »Live Excellently

Alignment Explained

Alignment Explained Sometimes I forget … When I write, it’s easy for me to geek out on what has proved to be very exciting for me tolearn and assimilate. As one good friend has called me on this, she points out that I have a… Read More »Alignment Explained

Two trees, two puzzles

What Is Alignment Coaching?

What Is Alignment Coaching? What is Alignment? Alignment is what we strive for in our lives, no matter what we call it and no matter what the situation. When something is not meant for us, we find ourselves trying too hard to make it work.… Read More »What Is Alignment Coaching?