1. Free and Affordable Content 2. Devoted, Intentional One to One and Group Mentoring Plans to Amplify Your Life

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Relevant, generous content twice plus each week.


Two levels of significant value for your investment into yourself.

$3.00 for a quote and commentary three times a week. OR …

$35.00 for a comprehensive way to receive One to One Mentoring, as well as my ongoing support. Dscover who you are at the core of your being, your spirit/soul alignment, and your inherent value as the masterpiece you were designed to be.

From your very beginning, circumstances, others, and even you may have unintentionally covered up your unique essence. However, in the same way a precious piece of art is restored, this process will help uncover your inner spirit and soul alignment with the Holy Spirit and expand without a doubt the beloved treasure that you are in God’s eyes. As you begin relating to yourself on a more profound level, your life will become more fulfilling, satisfying, and joyful; you will create ripples of goodness in each area of your life.

One to One Mentoring

Raise your vibration, rise above mediocre so that you can contribute to changes you want to see in the world.

10 week plan to guide you toward soul healing of heart and mindset changes to facilitate your ideal paradigm shift so that you can accomplish more, serve through your purpose, and experience more joy and satisfaction in health, wealth, and relationships. $2,500
15 week VIP more dedicated time to meet and for you to assimilate and implement your new habits to expand your life and create ripples of goodness! $4,000

* Group Mentoring

8 week plan with up to 20 cohorts. Weekly one hour Zoom meeting, worksheets and activities to expedite your most excellent life shift. $880/person

Program details

Therapy, or counseling generally focuses on the past, helping you work through and heal deeper issues. Mentoring uses many of the same evidence based tools while focused mainly on personal growth where your personal responsibility lies. Coaching is an efficient way to reach your goals based on where you are in this present moment and what you envision for your future through your purpose and mission. 

You are a spirit being, living in the physical vehicle of your body, connecting to meaningful relationships through your heart (emotional expressions) and your mind (thought expressions), which make up your soul. Knowing the value of who you are as a reflection of God’s Holy Spirit and living in this relationship as a meaningful part of your life, you will find Bible scripture to be most effective in accessing everything you already have in your eternal essence. The emphasis is on relationship, not religion or denominations. 

When you are on a life course to find improvement in one or more areas, discover a more meaningful purpose or vision, or connect with the idea of deeper intention for life here and into eternity, it makes sense to seek more alignment within your spirit and with the wisdom of the Divine Spirit of God. Building a solid spiritual foundation reveals resolutions and unexplainable peace during life changes and challenges.

When you are prepared to commit to this part of your journey, you will begin to experience a profound connection with the Author of your life in a new way. Knowing yourself as made in the image of Divine love, compassion, and grace opens facets of yourself and the Masterpiece you were meant to be. With this new perspective being perfected daily, it’s easier to live in peaceful satisfaction and contentment, knowing and associating with a bigger picture of life with universal and infinite possibilities. Your inner fulfillment and joy will serve as a catalyst for every component of your life and with those you love to assimilate and begin to find their own alignment.

One to One plans include weekly 1:1 mentoring with recorded sessions, discounted additional sessions.

VIP includes additional time and attention to your unique needs and desires.

Group plans include one group zoom meeting/recording, discounted 1:1 sessions.

All plans include playsheets and journal prompts; access to a growing content library, frequent email connection, support for complete understanding; early notification and special pricing for workshops, events, and retreats; and more.

— 10 week regular 1:1 mentoring — $2,500

— 15 week VIP 1:1 mentoring — $4,000

— 8 week group plan up to 20 cohorts — $880

– If you need to cancel a session, please cancel within 24 hours before your scheduled time so that a new session can be scheduled

– Additional 1:1 mentoring sessions after first session: $180.00

– As a Partner, you qualify for 15-20% discounts for extra events