Kind Words from clients

Bobbie C.

“I’ve been working with Gina for four months and will continue one to one coaching. Two of my favorite parts of this process are the meditations which were a template for me to write and record my own; and what I like to call Gina’s Gems. There are so many things I’d love to share, but you need to see for yourself how far you can go with this kind of practical, Holy Spirit led coaching. Gina is a competent, confident, a true leader with a beautiful heart that shines everywhere. I’ve learned that the possibilities are endless and as healing continues, I continue believing God for the new and exciting!”

Linda S.

“I worked with Gina as my Coach/Mentor three separate days, 2 hours at a time as part of a VIP Coaching. I felt heard and valued as she listened with compassion while earnestly directing me toward each step. I felt as if I was the only client who mattered at that time as the focus was all on getting me through the barriers. Thank you, Gina!”

Jena W.

“Gina T is a coach that blends life experience with her youthful spirit.  Her encouragement comes from a place of grace and understanding.  She is compassionate and helps you look at your life objectively without harsh judgements or criticism.  Gina’s suggestions and exercises help you explore and work through your hurdles, walls and fear.  I’ve looked to Gina as someone who is a sounding board and talks me down from my ledges.  A well-lived life requires a team of people to support you, hold you to stay focused, and sometimes just show up to hold your hand through the hard stuff.  Gina T is on my team.”

Lindsey P.

“Coaching with Gina as my Mentor was very different from talking to my therapist or friends. Gina patiently listened and talked me through, she gave me hope to believe it was all going to be ok. In a time when I felt so all alone, she held my hand and walked me through, literally helping me survive. I feel forever indebted.”

E. H.

“Life coaching with Gina has more than once met me at a crossroad where I was stuck. It’s easy to become comfortable with an unhealthy groove. Life coaching illumines these grooves and offers healthy alternatives. I’m so thankful for the gentleness embedded within this life coaching that points out stagnant spots. God can be my guide and I can still choose my own path.”

D. B.

“I enjoy and learn from each video, clearly, Gina has a desire to help others succeed in who they are.”