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Let’s work together to create your higher level atmosphere through inner peace: spirit, heart, and mind alignment, and attract your soul connections. With extensive experience in Life Coaching and a vast history of client success, my individualized activate-from-inherent value approach will help you continually attain your goals.

Using a heart-centered plan and easy to follow processes, you rediscover your way to become the Masterpiece you were meant to be. Your new spirit-soul connection will expand your life expressions of grace, joy, and love. As you choose to break free from unfavorable habits and harmful generational patterns, we work together to create a sacred space to identify and reach your new intentions.

How It Works

group and personalized coaching services

In personal mentoring, a commitment of 10 sessions helps you establish a new pattern in a timely manner. This one-to-one 10 week plan ($2,500) guides you toward soul healing of heart and mindset changes to facilitate your ideal paradigm shift so that you can accomplish more, serve through your purpose, and experience more joy and satisfaction in health, wealth, and relationships.

You will receive action steps to build your strong foundation daily to encourage living excellently, becoming the masterpiece you were meant to be through personal responsibility and meaningful influence.  More dedicated VIP package for 15 weeks available for $4,000

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Meditation helps you connect within your spirit, heart, and mind, as well as with the Holy Spirit. Holy means Anointed; your spirit is created in the image of the Divine Holy Spirit with more expansive capacity than you can imagine.

Meditation is meant to renew your anointing, Holy Spirit alignment with your Anchor, and increase peace that passes all understanding in your heart.

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Living Excellently Blog

Where Do I Begin? A Shiny Object Lesson

Each lesson you learn from helps you build a stronger foundation for the next time a wave ebbs or flows around you. You begin peeling the layers more easily, with more resolve, knowing who you authentically are, what you need, and how you can humbly move forward with confidence in your purpose.

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Financial Educator

My Financial Wellness Partner is now your Wealthness Educator

When a person is as persistent and tenacious as Donnis has been, one can continue well past the age of “retirement” to learn and implement practical ways to not only make the money they need and want to live better, but also keep more of it and watch it grow! How fantastic does that sound to you?
Did I mention that every bit of financial education she gives is completely free?

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The Transformation Network Broadcast

Dr. Pat Baccili is a leader in the field of human potential and the creator of the Global Podcast, TV, and Radio Network, “The Transformation Network. ™”.Her mission is to introduce visionaries from all specialties to this online world to have “Powerful Conversations that Transform the World – One Listener at a Time!”

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kind words

"I’ve been working with Gina for four months and will continue one to one coaching...Gina is a competent, confident, a true leader with a beautiful heart that shines everywhere. I’ve learned that the possibilities are endless and as healing continues, I continue believing God for the new and exciting!"
Bobbie C.
I worked with Gina as my Coach/Mentor three separate days, 2 hours at a time as part of a VIP Coaching. I felt heard and valued as she listened with compassion while earnestly directing me toward each step. I felt as if I was the only client who mattered at that time as the focus was all on getting me through the barriers. Thank you, Gina!
Linda S.
Coaching with Gina as my Mentor was very different from talking to my therapist or friends. Gina patiently listened and talked me through, she gave me hope to believe it was all going to be ok. In a time when I felt so all alone, she held my hand and walked me through, literally helping me survive. I feel forever indebted.
Lindsey P.