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Choosing Joy While Moving a Mountain

Just some thoughts … This year, 2020, has been most eye-opening, and most challenging for every single person in some or many ways. It has tested humans to depths we could not have expected at the beginning of the year or foreseen at any time.

Every day I consciously and intentionally choose joy, not because I don’t see or feel the devastation, but because I know it well in my core. I’m determined to thrive, even when faced with shutting doors to my other business forever, listening to hearts breaking over every aspect of current events and our human frailty being overwhelmed by hopelessness.

2020 has clearly shown one of the most convoluted examples of apathetic ambition in all areas, the opposite of what humans need and desire for soul and spirit satisfaction and motivation. This 2020 vision has made things clear, heightening, and polarizing emotions while isolating people of all ages unsustainably for the long term.

However, good can come from the depravity just like breakthrough from the breakdown, beauty from the ashes, a brighter light emerging from the darkest corners. Investing more intentionally into the relationships we treasure to become more life-giving, personal revival with stronger faith in a more significant and unique relationship with God (not religious or condemning) and leveling up to live above the fray … it takes a daily commitment to every possibility in encouragement and support to one another.

When we were kids, my Dad would say that eventually this great nation would be taken down from within, he knew something. The most effective way for that to happen is to break the spirit, just as in the process of breaking a horse that has been able to run free. I believe the human spirit is made in the image of the Author of the universe. That makes us authors and creators in our lives. This is our lifeline, the provision we already have in our spirits to be resilient and resourceful, to be strong and courageous.

No one ever knows what tomorrow will bring, it’s just more evident, having been brought to light differently this year. However, we each have value to live and give through this spirit that can rise above time, space, and circumstances. Believing is seeing. Be a seeker of Truth.

Advent is a time to celebrate the arrival of new life. It’s not only a calendar or set of candles, but an epiphany of the heart, mind, and spirit. This is what we face, what becomes the mountain which begs for our attention. No matter what that mountain seems like in the moment, it is, after all, only a mountain. How do you move a mountain? One stone at a time!

In my work mentoring women, this is significant as we work together to identify, lean into, and break through to move the elevated peaks that no longer serve a purpose. It’s ok to be afraid or overwhelmed, but don’t stop picking up each stone and taking it to where it will no longer cause grief. What my Dad told us as kids is most likely correct, although it doesn’t need to signal our demise at this time. Each of us has an individual calling to take personal responsibility in our own lives, for our own journey. We can’t change anyone else and we aren’t able to change the world unless we learn to change ourselves. You probably already know because you’ve most likely heard this a lot lately that to change oneself, it begins in the mind. Changing one’s mind, the way of thinking and speaking to oneself is the ticket to transforming one’s life. The patterns we have lived by may have become destructive or no longer serve the purpose they were developed for in the first place. They become the jagged edges of what now appears to be a summit we’re not prepared to climb. There’s no need to feel defeated. When we see this happening, it’s time to roll up our sleeves, put on our big girl pants, and choose joy as we move the mountain of the mind or heart one stone at a time. Help your spirit remember who you are a reflection of, made as an image of love, compassion, and grace. Don’t let the world overwhelm you or make you too scared to move forward. Now is the time to choose joy and make every moment count.

Wishing you all the grace, joy, love, and compassion to overflowing in this Christmas season

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Join now to become part of a global movement to take personal responsibility for your spiritual, emotional, and mindset health!