Alignment Reiterated

Sometimes I forget …

When I write, it’s easy for me to geek out on what has proved to be very exciting for me to learn and assimilate. As one good friend has called me on this, she points out that I have a big brain. I’m not sure I relate to that as much as to the fact that writing brings out my inner geek more intensely. I become so involved with what I’m saying that I don’t always convey it in a way to be easily understood. I sometimes forget that you, the reader, are not in my head seeing the same things I’ve been seeing in there for quite a while. That said, let me break this down a little more.

What is Alignment?

Alignment is what you strive for in your life, no matter what you call it and no matter what the situation might be. When something is not meant for you, you find yourselves trying too hard to make it work. It’s not that diligent focus isn’t necessary to make your dreams come true or that there’s anything wrong with hard work. It is a different kind of hard, something which doesn’t feel right
in your gut. I’m sure you’ve had those deep “gut feelings”. You know, like when you feel as if you should be doing something, or not doing something and you feel discomfort or even pain in the pit of your stomach?

I’ve recently read it explained this way: “When making a large snowball, pushing it uphill is hard, it’s a lot of work that will make you feel very exhausted. Pushing a snowball downhill is still hard, you still need to guide it and control it. The difference is that pushing downhill is not as exhausting, it’s almost effortless compared to pushing uphill.” – Danny Iny

The downhill orientation is easier because it’s more in alignment with your goal. It still involves the same goal, but your investment of time and energy are more conducive to accomplishing the task.

How many people have taken advice from parents, teachers, or peers which led them to follow a path that only produced a lack of joy? You have heard the stories, maybe have even lived them yourself. Someone goes as far as possible in university studies or a career, and then they hit a wall. Somewhere along the way, they have lost their joy and don’t have the same desire as at the beginning to complete what they’ve started.

More often than not, they were following someone else’s perception of what they’d be good at or what they should do. This path was not in alignment with their spirit and soul, it was by someone else’s encouragement or urging for whatever well-meaning reason they saw fit. It does not resonate completely because it does not match that person’s vision for themselves or the purpose for their life. Even when you encourage yourself to do or complete something that you’ve committed to doing, you might find that it is not cohesive enough to bring the satisfaction you need to follow through.

When something is meant for you, it is effortless and pleasant to reach. It may still require a lot of time and energy, but there is a different feeling and sense of accomplishment. What is the place of alignment in your life right now? How are you holding space for yourself and the vision of your life? Have you put that dream on the shelf because nothing has worked out so far?
Have you gone so far as to believe it’s already too late? Have you begun several times only to feel defeated?

Everything Is On The Inside

It never ceases to amaze me how each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made, as individual as each snowflake, but not as fragile. You have the potential to develop your heart, mind, and body to the degree of your unique calling in life.
Two people doing the same, exact good work will not be doing it the same, exact way or reaching the same people at the same level and will not have the same, exact results. This is mainly because of the multi-faceted, phenomenally unique beings, complete with several different levels. Each person … YES, YOU! … each one has a unique path that is improved and reinforced by individualized experiences, thoughts, and beliefs. This is what leads us to where alignment is
found and focused on with this type of coaching. It is all on the inside.

As my coaching is scripture based, I present verses for you to ponder and listen to the inspiration given to me as well as what you hear in your heart and mind. You may or may not agree with this inspiration I have received, but it is not based on aimless thoughts on my part. I have read the Bible 11 times since I wanted so badly to understand all the connections and controversy. Reading repeatedly allows each time to reach a deeper focus and different questions, asking God to show me through his Holy Spirit what I should learn and know for my life to be a good leader in my family and as a mentor. The Bible was inspired by God and written by men. Along the years, there has been
much division over its components, though every mystery is fathomable. 

Here is a particularly revealing acknowledgement of the secret we carry with us from the very beginning of our lives. In 2 Peter 1:3, we are told that, “By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life.”

Let’s take this apart and see what if it pertains to who you are and what you’re capable of accomplishing in life. This verse says “has given”. This means that it has already been done, in the past tense, YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. Do you need to push that snowball uphill? NO! It’s already there, on the inside. You do need to do some work to uncover it within yourself and expose it so it can be made useful, but it’s already there = downhill work!!

Read it again, what have you been given? EVERYTHING!! You have already been given everything you need (on the inside, in your spirit) to live a godly life, to be in alignment with yourself
(heart, mind, spirit) and with God (Divine Providence). Why is this relevant as a foundation of this type of coaching? Because you have been made in the image of God … not little gods, but an exact spirit image of His Holy Spirit with all the possibilities of a godly life to rise above mediocre circumstances to a higher vibration in the midst of those circumstances.

Considering this, it seems clear that your spirit, which is made in the image of God’s Holy Spirit, knows without a doubt what is morally right as well as what is right for you. Your soul might know the same thing, although, in your soul, you are motivated by thoughts and emotions as a result of and response to experiences and outside circumstances. These thoughts and emotions may lead you in a good direction connected to your spirit and purpose by your beliefs, words, and actions. Or it may not. Fortunately, as long as you are on this earth, you have every opportunity to find you way back to your original alignment within and with the Author of Life. The conclusion is substantially evident that alignment is an inside job.

Can coaching help you get to your destination?

Cohesive alignment coaching can definitely give you tools and strengthen your resolve to unite these parts of who you are so that you can live a more satisfied life, building meaningful relationships, attracting others who are on the same level of vibration, and contributing to the world around you with renewing joy. There are many aspects to this process since there are many facets to who you truly are, made in the exact image of love, compassion, and grace. It’s not beyond reach, though important to confidently prepare your heart and mind to gracefully release all that is not meant for you so that you can assuredly and humbly receive what is intended for your life.

If you’re ready to work with me at any time, feel free to connect. Ciao for now!

NOTE: Every aspect of my coaching is based on scripture and belief in God as the Creator and Author of life. This is not religious, you will never be expected to aimlessly follow a certain belief without completing your own research. Be a seeker, ask and you will find; be brave, courageous, and playful on this adventure.

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