You Already Have It All!!

having everything cosmos
having everything cosmos

You Already Have It All!!

There is a scripture verse that says, “You already have everything you need in your spirit to live a holy, satisfied, and resurrected life.” 2 Peter 1:3

This is something most of us have never heard or known about ourselves. It’s not as common to take most of what scriptures say and actually apply to our lives since many people think the Bible is outdated and has nothing to offer us. About ten years ago, I decided I wanted to understand more about this book. The church denomination I grew up in never encouraged reading on your own, after all, the priests and nuns learned and knew it all. Then I attended non-denominational churches where reading was supported, but one was urged into Bible Study Groups. This was also bothersome since it was based on someone else’s perspective and interpretation. Although it was great hearing their personal experiences with God’s Word, it didn’t feel genuine for me. I wanted to find the relevance for myself. I embarked on reading the Bible from start to finish, each time taking notes and writing down inspired thoughts. On the journey to continually read through as often as possible, I learned to ask God for guidance and wisdom before reading each passage. He says to ask for wisdom and he is no slacker on delivering it!

Over the years, I’ve looked at several other belief systems and it sounds like the foundations of most of them have much of the same foundation that shouldn’t be overlooked. This idea that we already have everything we need is prevalent in many teachings, but what’s missing is how to access it. In all this reading and seeking, this relationship has become more interactive than I would have imagined. I never thought I’d enjoy reading the Bible as something which could give me so much insight and connection to myself and so many things outside of myself. I especially want to know how it relates to me and how to use it in my life. The magical part of this is that almost immediately, I begin to see, hear, and experience practical use for what I’ve learned! That’s part of the magic, as soon as you ask for wisdom, it means you’re ready for it and you receive it and begin seeing the answers in action.

As you look for truth, you find gems like this one: you already have everything you need inside yourself, in your spirit, to live a good and holy life. When you begin seeing this alignment around you, it’s clear that it’s not just a statement, but a promise. There are two points to remember in connection with this Bible promise:

1. The spirit of each person is the part that is made in the image of God’s Holy Spirit, the part of us that knows fullness of joy and love into infinity, that’s the part that contains everything.
2. The word holy means anointed, set apart.
3. Conclusion: each human being should be respected and honored for their spirit and opportunity to choose, being set apart.

Find Yourself

Over centuries, we’ve heard stories of the search for paradise, Shangri-La, the fountain of youth as if the mystery of life is somewhere out there. There’s nothing wrong with exploring and searching for answers and secrets in our fantastic world. But, what if the real secrets of life are found on the inside? Now what?
If this verse is true, that each one of us already has everything we need on the inside, in our spirit to live a full and set apart life, what does that mean, why does it seem buried, and how do you get there?
What does being “set apart” mean? Is it possible that each of us is meant to be set apart from the human flaws that plague generations and cultures? Does each of you have the ability and opportunity to rise above convoluted imperfections that became the family, cultural, and group norm?
These are all great questions for when you grasp the significance of the words in these verses. Be careful if you look at several different translations, you need to ask for wisdom and insight because it can become confusing. I tend to rely on the fact that God can talk to and inspire each one of us as the individuals that we are; you are not limited to one person or one group’s interpretation. Therefore, look at this for what it means to you in this moment.

What Do You Have and When?

When do you have it? Now! Already, because it has been given to you in your spirit since before you were born.
What do you have? Everything! As you seek within your spirit and in alignment with your soul, which is your heart and mind, you begin to sculpt your being to reveal the real you which is covered by life experiences and happenings, and someone else’s expectations. It’s simple, but not always easy since you need to identify what is no longer serving a purpose as part of you, leave it behind, and replace it with more significant resources. Find your personal preference of how to let go and surrender that element. The most difficult thing, especially for almost every woman is to receive what is better and meant for her. This is because most of us have been sold a flawed story. In many ways, we are told and shown that it is prideful or self-centered to receive.

The flawed stories go against what your spirit knows to be true. The eternal, supreme being of God wants to give you what you need and want for a full life. The flawed information of false pride causes incongruency and conflict within your spirit, heart and mind that causes a huge discrepancy and confusion about who God is and who you are. You begin to see him as miserly and somewhat mean. This is the exact opposite of who he is. He’s not who you have known from your own personal experiences. He WANTS to bless you!
It’s not a question of what you deserve, it’s an issue of who he is to you as a loving Father and provider, also as a Supreme, Divine Being, Author of life.

The fact is: You already have everything you need in your spirit to live a holy, satisfied, and resurrected life! That means, you have all the elements you need to live excellently. You have been hidden away from yourself beneath expectations and narratives which are incompatible with who you are truly meant to be. It’s time to “find yourself” by finding your alignment with God and your alignment within your spirit and soul. These are the elements that will give you a strong foundation woven with goodness of compassion, love, and joy.

1. Seek truth
2. Ask for wisdom
3. Open your heart and mind to possibilities
4. Make a habit to renew your mind, replacing all harmful patterns with new, expanding thoughts

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