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Simplicity to Know Yourself

In a recent conversation, I had mentioned being an extreme introvert, although an extroverted introvert, as well as my place on the enneagram. In case you don’t know, an extroverted introvert is someone who can enjoy a group of people for a while, but needs to be alone to recharge. 

Knowing your personality from several different approaches is a good way to get a well-rounded idea of your potential characteristics. You can usually learn what that means concerning how you communicate with others, how you receive, and how you respond to situations. These assessments can give you a good idea of how to build your strengths and how to use or strengthen weaker areas. I know there are some who believe it’s a waste of time or similar to a parlor trick, however it is part of being personally responsible for yourself and your interactions in the world. 

Personal responsibility is most important for navigating your life to the best of your ability. It can be tough to learn with so much social media and mass consensus to react before thinking, including finding anyone else to blame for one’s circumstances. You are not necessarily responsible for what happens to and around you, but you are responsible to learn, grow and respond with reason and care.

Here’s the deal 

Your purpose is to know yourself, to be honest in your heart and your mind; to learn, grow, and change into the person you were intended to be from the beginning. Know you were originally made as a Masterpiece in the image of love, therefore you are worthy of being loved … love yourself; then you are more open to receiving and giving to others, honoring who they are without them needing to qualify or justify themselves. Your personal responsibility for yourself comes with rules that serve your safety and wholeness with confidence to raise the vibration of who you are each day so that you can freely give the same consideration of honor and respect to others.

Think about it as a gift that you give to someone. You learn about yourself with understanding and wisdom, then contribute to others around you. Once the gift is given, what they do with it is only up to that person who receives the gift. Once given, it is no longer a reflection of you but a reflection of where they are in heart and mind. This is an important aspect to remind yourself, since even the gift of words can be misconstrued and mistreated. When you learn your own heart and mind and know you have done your best, it’s out of your hands and no longer your concern. This brings you true peace that passes all understanding. 

Simply Perfect

As a coach/mentor, this is an ongoing conversation with clients acknowledging the need and sharing ways to rise above the affected layers of one’s spirit. When you intentionally take it seriously as owning your journey, you begin to heal yourself and understand more of your life purpose. This leads to deeper understanding of yourself and others, and then honoring each other for who you truly are — made in the image of an eternal Supreme Spirit, a reflection of love, compassion, and grace from God. This is also the process of being perfected here, in this life. We will never be perfect or finished with the task of being perfected until we move on through the portal to the other side, nevertheless, we already have access to everything in our spirit to being perfected daily. 

This is simple, yet not always easy. The point is that it is a simple concept that can remain simple while it gives us the ability to make sense of a complicated world. David only needed one simple stone to take down the giant, Goliath, but he needed to know how to use it effectively. Once he did, it provided a story for generations to understand the ability to overcome the giants in our lives. However, most of the time it’s only told as a story, not of your personal potential ability and victory, but of someone a long time ago and their victory. It’s up to you to own it and use it to add texture and quality to the tapestry of your beautiful life. 

Knowing yourself is one simple tool to navigate this life with joy and satisfaction, and when you learn how to use it effectively, you can take down the giants within your heart and mind with skilled, accomplished victory.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ~~ Leonardo DaVinci

“Knowing yourself is life’s eternal homework” ~~ Felicia Day

“To grow yourself, you must know yourself” ~~ John C. Maxwell

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” ~~ Aristotle

“Knowing your value protects you from having to prove it”~~ B.J. Thompson

The more you know your genuine self, the more you will know God and the Masterpiece within your spirit, heart, and mind.  It’s your journey which you can continue with reverence, respectful awe and childlike wonder; never lose your ability to be amazed and savor every moment.

©2021 Gina Tiritilli: GinaTCoach


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