Own Your Life to Overcome Challenges

What Does This Mean?

I teach a lot about Personal Responsibility which is the most important concern you should have and develop, especially as an adult. It has everything to do with owning your own life and overcoming challenges. It’s one of the main components to prepare yourself for anything and everything that comes your way. The key word here is “prepare”. When you intentionally work on your self-development consistently, searching, learning and growing, you inadvertently prepare yourself for unplanned situations that come your way. 

Life is peppered with loss and situations that demand attention to have patience and grace. Just lightening up, trying not to think about it, or just coping while thinking positive thoughts is not enough. I believe that if you put more of a focus on personal responsibility to renew your mind and transform your life daily, it’s possible to collectively reach new levels of thinking and living. Don’t give up moving forward, don’t leave your dreams behind … continue to advance yourself, expand your life and rise above mediocre thinking and wrong patterns by always learning and growing. I have started over several times; after more than six decades traveling around the sun, I’m grateful to have another chance to do a new thing!

Obviously, when you are a child, you think like a child and act like a child. Responsibility for yourself is a foreign concept. It’s something you learn along the way since you’re not born with it. It’s not only being able to take care of yourself, which is important for parents to teach at age appropriate intervals, but there are many aspects of personal responsibility that surround your social intelligence and development. 

When You Don’t Own Your Life

Here’s the contrast when an adult is not personally responsible: that person will always make excuses, blame someone else, find reasons to be angry, offended, or insulted. They will misunderstand and misconstrue so that they are never responsible for their own thoughts, beliefs, words, or actions. They’ll try to bring others into their tightly intertwined world because misery loves company that condones and shows approval for their closed off thoughts, words, and actions. These people feel a need to brag or make sure they’re heard all the time to prove who they believe themselves to be. They also might feel the need to be a victim of disrespect and being diminished. This is mainly because they didn’t stand for anything in their own lives and were pushed around by every current of air passing by.

When You Take Personal Responsibility

When as an adult you discover this concept as an important element of who you should be, you are open to learn and grow. The mere fact that you are willing to take personal responsibility for yourself is the catalyst for increased curiosity and excitement for life. It is the childlike wonder that keeps you from closing yourself off from others with unsavory thoughts, words, and actions. You may or may not learn it at home, which many of us don’t when poor, trapped, fearful behavior is modeled. 

However, you have all the power in the world to take back your life, take ownership of the direction you choose to move and how you invest into yourself. Owning your life doesn’t excuse anything bad that happened to you when you were young, most of that may never be reconciled or put right. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t mean that you own responsibility for anything that was out of your control. It does mean that as an adult, you can now make more excellent choices for a better life, higher vibrations and rising above mediocrity in and around you. You choose the type of deposits you allow into your heart, mind, and body, in alignment with your eternal spirit. Your words and actions can vindicate yourself, redeem the adversity from the cause; you can receive grace from God, and give grace to yourself and others. Remember that each human has only learned what they’ve learned, they only know what they know, until they search for a better way to live or are mentored into living excellently. Then, you don’t only do what’s expected, but go above and beyond in all areas of life because it honors yourself and others. You don’t need to shout out every accomplishment with a megaphone because you know who you are and what you’re capable of doing with no need to justify it to anyone else. 

Generous Contributions

Just imagine if your example of personal responsibility changes you in such a way that even people you don’t know start to watch and imitate you. What if rising above the inferior behavior becomes the majority disruption around you? … feeding into itself and fueling mass inspiration. Respecting and honoring each other for being as unique as each person is while making this kind of statement actually redeems and forgives mistakes and misconceptions of the past in your life and in previous generations. The reason it does this is because it breeds radical understanding and communication that nurtures unconditional love. 

Is this idealistic? Sort of, but not really because it’s practical and possible. When I learned about the reality of my family and how we were raised in a defeating culture and customs of generations, and then albeit slowly, learned how to make my dream of changing my family legacy a reality, there was no magic, only dedicated choices to communication and understanding which honors and respects everyone involved. That doesn’t mean mistakes or poor outcomes disappear as if they never existed; it brings love and grace into the picture which might acknowledge those poor choices, but then covers them with the possibility of building on more solid ground. The answer is not to eliminate and delete what has happened in the past since history is a poignant learning tool, the conclusion is to bring it to the light so that you can see more clearly and build better traditions. 

Living Excellently is a result of:

–Acknowledging who you are and what you are capable of doing, not on what anyone else thinks because no one else can know or feel your passion and possibilities.

–Accepting your personal responsibility as an adult to replenish and rebuild yourself.

–Releasing or Surrendering your limitations, wrong beliefs, harmful patterns of thinking, and what doesn’t belong in your life. 

–Receiving what is meant for you and what you are ready to embrace and embody in each moment.

©2021 Gina Tiritilli: GinaTCoach


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Join now to become part of a global movement to take personal responsibility for your spiritual, emotional, and mindset health!