Live Excellently!

Know When to Hold ‘em

If you’ve followed me for some years, you will know that even though my business name has changed a couple of times in 20 years, my business motto has remained the same. 

“Live Excellently, Give Generously, Love Lavishly!”

Recently, I’ve had to close down a business I began March 1, 2020. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine 14 months of shut-downs, unprecedented challenges, and fear taking over the small business world. There comes a time when it is important to understand what Kenny Rogers sang about in “The Gambler”. 

“You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run. You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table, there’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin’ is knowin’ what to throw away and knowin’ what to keep; ‘cause every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser.”

In many components of life, you are taking a gamble, betting that something good will work out. If you think about everything you do and hope for, you can see that aspect in anything from starting a new job, new relationship, plans for travel or another future endeavor. Being a serial entrepreneur is just that, you plan and make a list of steps to follow for success, but really, it is all a crap shoot. When there are events and occurrences beyond your control, you spin the plates, adding and subtracting as you go. Then, you re-evaluate and make the next decisions to go all in or cut your losses and leave. 

Your Personal Responsibility

Believe it or not, this is part of living excellently. Being aware, being present, doing your research and due diligence is all part of moving toward what you want in life. Excellent living is a heart and mind space where intentional personal responsibility is a cornerstone. 

Previous generations only knew what they knew and did not have the information we have so readily available as we do now. Each of us has had outside influences affect our emotions and beliefs from the time we were conceived. The general belief is that your personality and habits are fully formed by the time you reach seven years old. That could seem bleak, sentencing you to live out life as the person you are at that age. However, there is always a redeeming factor. In this case, numerous studies have been showing that you are able to rewire your brain and change the trajectory of life at any age! You are not doomed to live a mediocre or less than desirable life no matter what the circumstances. It all begins on the inside.

Understanding this concept of Personal Responsibility can lead you to empower yourself and expand the life you desire to live — excellently! As soon as you become an adult, it is more evident that life around you has the possibility to consistently rise up to a new level. Even before adulthood, you might begin to see things that can be improved upon. Personal Responsibility takes the bull by the horns. Instead of feeling defeated, diminished, blaming someone else, or living as if someone else has taken your power away from you, you can begin to determine the changes you will make in your life to live more excellently. We each have a personal responsibility toward ourselves and those we love to continue this life journey with respectful awe and childlike wonder. Leveling up based on a strong foundation is living excellently.

If each of us would take Personal Responsibility to rise above in our own lives, we also begin to create ripples of goodness and grace for everyone around us. Despite the detrimental and contrary effects that can fall on you, you can learn to reverse harmful thought patterns that were most likely part of someone else’s belief system, limited knowing, or agenda. There is no place or energy for placing blame, but in creating your own daily victories, you empower yourself to raise your vibration and impetus for life. Living Excellently in your heart and mind, before it even happens, leads you to break free from your perceived limitations. You begin to let go of what was not meant for you to hold onto in the first place and replace it with unlimited possibilities to rise above the mediocrity. 

Being Perfected

You are the only creature on this earth with your unique elements of not only spirit, heart, mind, and body, but all the fascinating facets of character, personality, perception, and expression. You are the only expert of you and your genius. You are uniquely and wonderfully made and have a humble, yet elegant prospect of being perfected in your excellence each and every day. Only you can be you, and only you can contribute to the world in the exact way that you are capable of doing.

Imagine if each person took this responsibility personally, influencing and lifting up others around them with ripples of goodness, grace and living excellently!!

Copyright 5/2021 Intellectual property of Gina Tiritilli 


Join now to become part of a global movement of women who take personal responsibility for their spiritual, emotional, and mindset health!

Join now to become part of a global movement to take personal responsibility for your spiritual, emotional, and mindset health!